Friday, September 5, 2014

192 - A Victim of the Art (Delta Green) 10

Skype of Cthulhu presents a Delta Green scenario. A Victim of the Art, by Dennis Detwiller.

Montauk, New York
Saturday, 13 August, 1995

Prof. Hughes and Agent Marco begin to execute their daring plan to save the residents of Montauk from continued attack by the horror that has been stalking the town. But Agent Mason has defected from the plan, and is forming plans of his own.



Cody Grady said...

Goodness.... what a great session. Cannot wait for the conclusion.

Randall WiseWolf Padilla said...

This can end only in one way, Cody...badly.

Jonathon M. Johnson said...

Oh yeah… So many people were saying that… Well at least saying, but commenting? Hmm…

Good episode with a lot of information, though the information was solid and suspenseful; great tension for the end.

Nice recap… Like the concept how they use the paintings to - - - (beeeeeeeep) - - -

COOL!!! I want that desktop monitor that is as big as a tv. Oh wait… That would be one of those anchor monitors, not the flat screens. Umm… Nevermind. Got to love the 1990’s :-)

WOOHOO!!! Dockside Dogs!!! Awesome podcast to listen to. If you have not, get over there after this adventure and listen to it. GO JONATHAN!!!

Farmer Tans… LOL They are soooooo hot right now!!! LOL

And definitely a SAN check against Marcus.

Wow… Did not see those people regarding the list. And then the pairing up… Yes… Yes… Frank Mason and Mrs. Dengler. “That was cold Jim.” LOL

LOL “Kitty Bombs” Definitely was waiting for a SAN check there.

“Potato in the tailpipe?” No… You mean, “Banana in the tailpipe.” LOL

“Is it FRANK!” “No, it is not Frank.” Ohhhh – You hear disappointment. What a stud Frank.

Awesome cliffhanger.



Jonathon M. Johnson

Shannon said...

(Cody & Jonathon): glad to hear you enjoyed it.

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