Monday, June 2, 2014

174 - A Victim of the Art (Delta Green) 04

Skype of Cthulhu presents a Delta Green scenario. A Victim of the Art, by Dennis Detwiller.

Montauk, New York
11 August, 1995

The agents of Cell M have secured their suspect in the brutal murders of three people. But there’s a possibility they may have been wrong.



Jonathon M. Johnson said...

And the guilty person is… Oh wait… This is part 4 and there are still another 13+ hours, 7 episodes, of podcast, investigating, and clue chips waiting.

It does seem like the clue chip is getting abused by hoarding them. Drop it down to one or two of them before a player can obtain more. Or if a player is going to collect a billion of them, then only let them be able to use one or two for a reroll.

Still liking the references to the olden days. That is what makes these types of games, comedians, and older type of movies more enjoyable. Alta Vista - AOL account - high tech pager

Good deal that Randall got a clue chip while driving. This reminds me when Randall was playing Mark Ferguson in “A Love in Need” and around 5:00 when he sees a weaving car with no headlights on coming towards them, he panics and hits the accelerator, slamming into each other and crumpling their front ends.

I can see how Jim could be relaxed and not want to do anything as he thinks that they got the perpetrator, they are done, they can go home now. Little did he know that there was still a lot left.

Clue chip helped out Max especially when he had to do some talking. When he starts out, it is like he needed a shower and comb his hair. Then a clue chip and a 01, here comes Brad Pitt. Hysterical scene. A must listen!!!

OH WAIT!!! Do not forget your desserts: strawberry shortcake, ladyfingers, tiramisu LOL

Though hysterical, there was a kind of a weird and eerie feeling there. Made me think of The Stepford Wives.

Max can do NO WRONG!
“Sorry for knocking that down onto the ground.”
“Oh that is ok. It always keeps falling over.”

Liked his philosophy. “A search warrant will only get you so far, manners on the other hand, will get you everywhere.” Reminds me of the fable of the “The wind and the sun.”

Yeah I feel your pain regarding that barking Corgy. We had a dog next door that would basically bark at the wind. When I would go outside, he would run over to the fence and bark at me. Wife would say that that is what dogs do, but it just so annoying and the neighbors would not even step out to see what was going on.

Luck roll between players. This cannot end well. Though a good mechanic to get a scene resolved and keep the game moving. It seems that sometimes players would take an hour just to open a door.

I would think that more than a sinking feeling would have been needed thinking that it looks like it is smiling, I think that it would have been a bit nerve wracking and a SAN check needed.

But in the end…

Be scared, really scared – and do not lose your head – MAN DOWN!


Jonathon M. Johnson

Unknown said...


Thanks for the kind words dude :-) I am glad you are having a great time listening!

I personally love the Clue Chip system Shannon uses as it helps us have better chances on getting clues we all miss at times. Overall I really had a great time with this Shannon augmented DG scenario.


Shannon said...

Glad you enjoyed it, Max. This was my fourth time running it.

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