Tuesday, June 25, 2013

108 - Buried Treasure 01 (One-Shot)

Skype of Cthulhu presents a Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition playtest. Buried Treasure, by Jim Phillips.

Fall, 2012
Minneapolis, Minnesota

A group of travelers on their way to Amsterdam finds that their flight will take them instead into the depths of terror.


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Jonathon M. Johnson said...

Cliffhanger??? Nooooooo… Grrr…

Minneapolis, Minnesota... WOOHOO!!! GO VIKINGS!!! Originally from Bloomington.

Jim does a great job weaving the story to start and then the players keep the story going with their constant bickering and Dave’s loud aggressive talking.

Though I normally do not like loud and aggressive characters, Dave’s Mr. Blythe was very well done in a story driving manner as he pushed the story forward with his sudden outbursts of knowledge and enthusiasm. Plus Dave knows how to separate his voice tone between his character and normal speaking voice; he is not always talking loudly and getting annoying. I look forward to Mr. Blythe again as well as another one of Dave’s boisterous characters. How Mr. Kerner handled and did not knock out Mr. Blythe is amazing.

But of course all of Jim’s weaving and Dave and Randall’s talking were not good enough to overcome the annoyance of the constant humming and crumpling sounds coming over the headphones.

Nice chase rules. Reminds me of the D&D 4th edition Skill Challenge. Excellent! Though it might seem like a lot of book keeping, by rolling them every round, it must be done. But as long as the Keeper fills in the flavor of information of what is happening between the rounds, then this can keep the players involved, interested and given the chance to perform something different instead of just saying, “I run, I run, I run…” Nice mechanic that targets those players that do not put points into their CON.

Must have missed someone… Who is Mr. Erickson that Mr. Kerner recognizes and cringes at?

As for the cliffhanger at the end… Nooooooooo…

When is Part 2?

Too many questions to be answered…

What is the purple glow?
Why the crash?
What is the island?
Why the sinking plane?
What is down the stairs?

Dum De Dummmm…


Jonathon M. Johnson

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