Friday, March 15, 2013

097 - The Devil's Music (One-Shot)

Skype of Cthulhu presents a Call of Cthulhu scenario. The Devil's Music, by Jonathan Powell.

New York City

Jazz lover Edgar Chadwick is missing, and his wealthy family fear for their reputation. Can the investigators navigate a world of illicit alcohol and exotic music, without incurring a fate worse than death - scandal.



Bishop said...

Gary and Dan are a lethal combination. It's a good thing Curly was in Jim's game to keep them apart when there were only three players. ;)

Jonathon M. Johnson said...

Jonathan, Dan, Gary... Excellent job... ^5

Each of the three provided enough information back and forth to drive this adventure right to the end.

Though the ending was a bit anti-climatic, the summing-up filled in the missing blanks of what was totally going on; Thanks for that Jonathan.

Jonathan... Towards the end you say that this is an one-shot, but at the beginning you call this a prequel to Age of Cthulhu 6. Is Age of Cthulhu 6 a part 2 to this one or are you just running this one prior to Age of Cthulhu 6?

I did like the way that whoever set up the recording, they recorded Dan on the left headphone and Jonathan and Gary on the right. I think it would have been better if Dan was on the left, Gary on the right and then Jonathan was on both. It would have gave the feeling that Jonathan was sitting right between the both of them Keepering away.

I do find these types of podcasts with lower number of people and less talking, especially talking over each other, a lot more enjoyable to listen and submerge myself into.

Looking forward to another round with these three!!!


Jonathon M. Johnson

Jonathan Powell said...

Hi Jonathon.

The adventures are not related directly, I just wanted to run this as a one-shot to introduce some of the same characters and NPCs to be used for AoC6. It was my first scenario I designed myself, hopefully after I run a few more published ones I will try my hand again!

Thanks for the kind comments,


Jonathon M. Johnson said...


From the way that you had talked on the podcast, "My first attempt on a new scenario, it is custom built" was a bit confusing to understand you had wrote this adventure, just sounded like another running of an adventure.

I had designed, wrote, edited, and ran adventures for Living Greyhawk and Living Forgotten Realms and always great to find others doing the same.

I have looked at the layout of several Call of Cthulhu adventures and the running, let alone the designing, of these adventures, which to me are very confusing; though someday I look forward to tackling this since there always seems to be a shortage of runners and writers.

I have listened to your Keepering skills in several SoC podcasts and you are doing an excellent job; definitely good enough to continue on as a writer. (BTW... ^5 on your Keepering skills during Dockside Dogs)

I did a Google search and Age of Cthulhu 6, recorded 9 months later, is actually the "A Dream of Japan" adventure? If so, I look forward to listening to this one also.

Keep on Keeping and Writing...


Jonathon M. Johnson

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