Friday, April 24, 2020

620 - Reverberations 2

Skype of Cthulhu presents a Delta Green scenario: Reverberations by Shane Ivey

May 12, 2016 Chicago, Illinois

While some of the team try to analyze the drug, others seek out the source.
Dramatis Persone: 

  • Jonathan - Handler
  • Edwin - Carlos Enriquez, Taxi Driver/Gunnery expert
  • Jim - Michael Wood, DEA FAST Agent
  • Max - Peter Walters, CDC Scientist
  • Sean - Anne Crane, US Coast Guard
  • Randall - Marco Shovaski, FBI - Forensics
  • Steve - Lester Green, Chicago Pd - Narcotics Det.


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Mark said...

Well done a very enjoyable listen so far,props to Jonathan for herding all the card especially after they all split up.
I think the only off note was Michael's storming of the apartment and it's lack of fallout (Understandable as it was possibly an adventure in its own right) and I don't think I could have resisted Carlos waking up after his high jinks next to the cooling body of his beautiful canary.

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