Monday, November 11, 2019

569 - Eternal Lies 27

Skype of Cthulhu presents a Call of Cthulhu campaign: Eternal Lies by Will Hindmarch and Jeff Tidball with Jeremy Keller. Music by James Semple.

July, 1935
Bangkok, Siam

The group prepares for a night of entertainment at the local fights, unaware of the sinister forces starting to swirl around them.

Dramatis Persone:
  • Edwin as Maria Sanchez - Singer;
  • Gary as Paulo Garza - Guide
  • Jim as Father Carl Meinardus - Clergy;
  • Matt as Joseph Westmore - Dilettante;
  • Max as Alfred Elliott - Private Investigator;
  • Sean as Cora King - Dilettante;
  • Steve as Dorothy Astor - Author;
  • Randall as the Keeper of Arcane Lore.


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