Friday, June 8, 2018

475 - Assault on the Mountains of Madness 14 (Achtung! Cthulhu)

Skype of Cthulhu presents a Call of Cthulhu scenario. Assault on the Mountains of Madness by Jason Durall. Published by Modiphius Entertainment.

January, 1945
Somewhere in Antartica

The team gears up and leaves Luftwaffe Antartica, headed south into the icy wastes in search of the other German bases.

Dramatis Persone:
  • Jim as The Keeper of Arcane Lore;
  • Max as Skip Douglas, FSSF Commando;
  • Randall as John Johnson, US Army Ranger;
  • Sean as Prof. Charles Atwood;
  • Steve as Brian Shepherd, US Army Combat Medic.

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