Sunday, November 19, 2017

429 - Blackwater Creek 10

Skype of Cthulhu presents a Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition scenario: Blackwater Creek by Scott Dorward. Published by Chaosium, Inc..

Blackwater Creek, MA
Monday, 27 September, 1928

The investigators final showdown with the mysterious Carmody brother, Brendan. The horrors of Blackwater Creek continue to act on the minds and judgements of the expedition team.

Music graciously composed and performed by Walkathon.



Mark said...
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Mark said...

Wow four years have passed so it's safe to say a few things about vthis game now. I was one of the Players (Harriet) and this a bittersweet memory as it could have led to a lot of cool Actual plays but for one reason or another didn't.
Cory did a fantastic job of being the Keeper and really pulled out all the stops his end to try a make it as good as it could but we as players kinda screwed the pooch. Looking back several players myself included should have not joined, because we didn't have the time to commit to the game and especially in my case trying to game with mobile devices and a rubbish internet connection just produced a lot of audio issues.
These commitment issues led to Cory becoming concerned about the time needed to finish the adventure which meant the sessions got longer and longer which meant people started to flag and in my case find out how hot a mobile phone can get before melting and creating even more audio problems. And these issues come to a head in this last session people drop out,my time runs out (I could really only play for two hours) as do my batteries and poor Cory ends up running three or four player characters bas well as all the N.P.C's in the climatic end battle.So unfortunately everything became a mess and a little silly.
Like I said bittersweet as it really didn't show things at their best and is maybe the reason why this is the only recorded game this group in this format did. I think some of us myself being one of the main culprits owed Cory a better game as his efforts to make it a good one were diluted somewhat also to this day I don't know why we as a group failed to go to the bootleggers farm sooner especially since we knew Cory was worried about the time bein taken, insects be damned.

In the unlikely event that anyone from the game is still keeping track of this it would be cool to hear your thoughts or if you have just listened to this how does it compare to other Actual plays?
Cheers and remember just because the hooch is super cheap doesn't mean its a bargain. :)

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