Monday, April 6, 2015

246 - Kontamination 02 (Achtung Cthulhu)

Skype of Cthulhu presents a Call of Cthulhu scenario. Kontamination, by Sam Richards and Matthew Pook. Published by Modiphius Entertainment.

December, 1944
M√ľnstereifel, Germany

Unsure whether they are all working for quite the same goals, a group of German soldiers set out for the Ardennes Forest in an attempt to capture an Allied officer.

Dramatis Persone:
  • Edwin as Horst Buchholz;
  • Jim as The Keeper of Arcane Lore;
  • Max as Wolfgang Kurth;
  • Randall as Hartman Bochner;
  • Rob as Franziska Kellman;
  • Shannon as Norbert Grupe.

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