Thursday, March 12, 2015

239 - The House on McKinley Boulevard 01 (One-Shot)

Skype of Cthulhu presents a Call of Cthulhu scenario: The House on McKinley Boulevard, by Ian Winterton. From the book Last Rites, published by Chaosium, Inc..

Boston, Massachusetts

The elderly Mr. Hagbard Carlyle has called together a group of his friends to investigate an old house in Boston.

Dramatis Persone:
  • Edwin as Plug O’Hara;
  • Gary as Peter Finnegan;
  • Jim as The Keeper of Arcane Lore;
  • Max as Chet Wallace.

For those listeners interested, we were using Google Drawings to do the real-time mapping during this scenario. The various maps Jim drew are presented here:

First Floor:
Second Floor:


Joe said...

OMG... the Boston in this was so funny. Spot on. Congrats all!

And Jim ... those really are pretty good drawings! I'm surprised.

Joe said...

p.s. Do any of you live in Boston? Because boy, the details felt intimate.

World Traveller Jim said...

Thanks Logar, it was a fun little scenario in the end. The closest any of us is to Boston would be Edwin, up in Maine.

Jonathon M. Johnson said...

Podcast was a bit drawn out (Zzzzz. Pick it up), too much silent dead air and slow on player’s reactions.

Thank you for the maps. More visuals need to be used on the other podcasts too. Though while listening to the map description, I had to rewind and listen again to try and see the pathway that the players took. Luckily Jim had put some descriptions in the rooms that helped seeing the locations when he talked about them, otherwise might have been at a total loss.

Looking at the map is like the same way I do when reading The Dresden Files. I listen to an unabridged copy of the book while I follow along reading. Helps me concentrate more on what is going on and to remember. Though I can read a page about 25% faster than the reader.

While listening to this made me think of The Haunting intro scenario. Waiting for Mr. Corbitt to walk in; or should I say shamble in. Better ending though.

From Max’s comment in 212, he told me about that solo scenario, Alone Against the Flames. I will take a look at it later today.

It did sound like the writer of this scenario did make too large of a house with too many rooms.

Hopefully Gary got enough sleep after staying up to 3 a.m. to play.
Die Hard SoC Player!
Gary for President!


Jonathon M. Johnson

Jonathon M. Johnson said...

Thank you Max for introducing me to this solo adventure, Alone Against the Flames.

Good intro to seventh edition for the newbie.

Overall was a great adventure except for the following issue that got me confused.

I came upon entry 259 which talks about adding 20 to that new entry. To find out when you get to another entry, like 180, that asks, “this is the time to follow it up” that this is the time you add 20 to that entry. I was so confused on what they were asking. Luckily I came across 180 and this relieved my confusion.

OMG! I barely made it out alive. I ended up burnt for 11 out of 12 hp. As I was reading my results, I could feel the impending DOOM as each new entry got worse and worse.

It took me 79 entries to complete this adventure and get the HELL out of Emberhead.

Looking forward to another read and another solitaire adventure.

This definitely is an adventure for any level of Call of Cthulhu player.


Jonathon M. Johnson

Unknown said...

Jonathon I am glad you like the adventure, I think it is really a quick and fun way to try out Cthulhu and the 7th Ed rules for "newbies" as you stated.

I know they have some older ones such as:

Alone Against the Dark

Alone Against the Wendigo

I have not played them as of yet but if you do let us know!!!

Thanks Again,


Jonathon M. Johnson said...

Excellent Max

Thanks for the info on these other two "Alone" adventures.

I dug through my pile and came across them along with another one called, "Alone on Halloween."

I will give you a critique of them after I run through them.


Jonathon M. Johnson

Unknown said...

No Problem Jonathon!

I have now since played all but one of the available Solo Adventures for CoC.

Alone On Halloween
Alone Against the Dark
Alone Against the Wendigo
Alone Against the Flames
The shorter digital "Lonely Road" by Jon Hook in Protodimension Magazine (Available for free at the link)

I have a friend who is supposedly coming into possession of the white whale of these types of adventures, Grimrock Isle.

Overall so far my favorite has been Alone on Halloween.



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