Monday, January 19, 2015

228 - Safe House, Dark (Delta Green)

Skype of Cthulhu presents a Delta Green scenario: Safe House, Dark. By Jon Hook.

Bruges, Belgium

Delta Green agent Sebastian Hughes is tasked by the CIA to clean out the apartment of a missing asset, and finds far more than he bargained for.



Jonathon M. Johnson said...

Love the intro music. Dum dum dum… Setting the atmosphere.

Jon did a good job as Keeper moving the scenario along smoothly, though the speed could have picked up and the ums, uhs and ands could have been kept to a minimum.

Overall though… Meh…

Interesting Jim how you made the comment you speak Hebrew and then in a previous scenario you said you speak Russian. Any other languages you speak?

Just hate it when you miss that one out of many checks to find the item. Of course we all know that high operatives always keep their top secret information in a cook book. Maybe secret code – “2c flour – clearly that could mean…” LOL

Hmm… For someone who wrote this entry scenario, he seemed to have a lack of knowledge in his own writings, lack of prep and could not pronounce his own names he gave.

The shadowy suspense buildup was too slow. The end result was kind of anticlimactic.

Off to Tel Aviv…

…to find that Jewish woman’s name.


Jonathon M. Johnson

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