Tuesday, July 29, 2014

183 - This Fire Shall Kill (Delta Green) 01

Skype of Cthulhu presents a Call of Cthulhu scenario for Delta Green: This Fire Shall Kill by Andre Bishop. Published by Chaosium, Inc. in The Stars Are Right!

San Francisco, California
July, 2014

California is burning. Delta Green has been dispatched following the untimely death of one of their retired agents in a house fire. The retired agent had reported he was on the trail of a possible terrorist cell with "occult leanings". Our erstwhile agents hop a red-eye flight, and head to the Bay Area ...



Jonathon M. Johnson said...

Well it has been awhile, A Victim of the Art, 12-3-15, and it is good to be back listening.

Brent did another great job as the Keeper - displaying the information and directing the players smoothly.

Skype did another great job screwing up the audio. Worst recording yet!

What a nice way to start out after a long time away, Skype acting all crackly. Wait till 15-16 minutes in. :-/

Yet Brent made a comment that his and Samuel’s connection was good, so the interference is coming between him and Jonathan. Why is this? - is it possible that the past problems are coming from the players’ hardware and software and not Skype?

Interesting intro… Though miss the Jim intro. Always good to hear new music. Social Distortion did a remake of the Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire” which I liked the quick pace of it. This group did a quicker version of it.

What is the name of the group that is singing the quick snippet of the “Ring of Fire” song?

What??? Nuts on the airlines??? Definitely a long time ago. LOL

Nice product placement there Brent. “…got this handy dandy little sheet from the Miskatonic University podcast that gives you…” LOL Reminds me of the movie, “The Greatest Movie Ever Sold” by Morgan Spurlock - could this be the “The Greatest Podcast Ever Sold?” LOL

Samuel is funny. “Taking what we can into the “boot” of the car.” Interesting English terminologies. Reminds me of the time when I went to Holy Loch, Scotland for the Navy and had to learn the different words.

Funny comment that this might be a two session game. But it does become a five session game. Hmm… Wondering why?

LOL “Hint, hint - nudge, nudge - wink, wink- know what I mean?”

Tune in next episode as our agents head off to “Golden Gate Park.”


Jonathon M. Johnson

Unknown said...

Jonathon, I'm glad you're enjoying the podcast, and especially thank you for the comments! It's always a treat to get feedback on these. In terms of the sound quality, this was our first session as a group. I ended up figuring out it was an issue with my ISP. Eventually it would be resolved.

In terms of the group doing "Ring of Fire", I'm not really sure. I found the song doing a search on Youtube. I've tried again to relocate it, without much success (I've gone 20 pages deep in the search).

And yes, we foolishly thought it would be a two session game. :P

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