Wednesday, December 11, 2013

141 - Heroes of the Sea 04 (Achtung Cthulhu)

Skype of Cthulhu presents a Call of Cthulhu scenario. Heroes of the Sea by Sarah Newton.

Nieuport, France
June 01, 1940

Cpl. Farnsworth has destroyed the German submarine, killing himself in the process. The Nieuport docks are in chaos as the remaining team members set off in the confusion to find Frau Wessermeiser.



Mark said...

Still enjoying the WW2 romp but these Germans are far from being efficient. Is Rob going easy on the players to help the game along or is the advice from the adventure itself which is making the Germans so lax?

Rob said...

I am being a bit nice, but the German's aren't really expecting too much hassle nor are on high alert based on how well they did in pushing the British out of France to Dunkirk.

In Mesegen, if they stayed, then the German activity would be picking up, but as the front line had mostly passed by there already, there was only minimal strategic value to staying, so they did not overly harass civilians (whcih the PCs easily pass as).

In Nieuport however, The Germans are mostly celebratory in their recent push and still seeing civilians evacuating, so they don't think too much on those (plus this is where a good chunk of Vichy French were from).

In an all-out brawl though, the PCs wouldn't survive, so I've been allowing the new recruit Germans to do the bulk of the patrols to give the PCs a fair chance. Now that the recruits messed up and a sub was blown up, the patrols will be getting more serious and suspicious.

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