Saturday, September 7, 2013

123 - Three Kings 05 (Achtung Cthulhu)

Skype of Cthulhu presents a Call of Cthulhu scenario. Three Kings by Sarah Newton.

July 07, 1939
Karlštejn, Czechoslovakia

Agent Chance is gravely wounded, but the group has their stolen Nazi truck and uniforms. Can they now storm the German stronghold and discover just what the Nazis are up to in Karlštejn?



Mark said...

Congratulations guys on getting to the end.
It seemed to be an interesting and tricky adventure to play and run which ended with a bang or should that be a slobber. I get the feeling the adventure was written a little bit to loose for an Call of Cthulhu scenario the Pre-Gens being a good case in point.
I hope that Shannon will comment on how the version he played turned out and the differences it brought up as I would be interested in hearing how a more Gun-Ho? style worked out.
I hope that Modiphius learn from this adventure and make their future products a little less plot pointish in style as they really do seem to produce lovely looking products and they seem to be close to getting it right.

And yes a fumble is 96-100 and its a classic rule so no idea what 7th will do but it may involve dice pools or some other new fangled mechanic. :)
Thanks again and I'm looking forward to hearing more WW2 madness in the future, but maybe not with Pre-Gens. Spies not speaking the local lingo...crazy.

World Traveller Jim said...

At the very least, it's not a Scenario for novice players or keepers I think. And there are some seemingly glaring omissions, which I'm surprised were not (apparently) brought out in playtesting - like how Father Andrej rescued everyone before.

Ah, well. It was still an interesting scenario to run. I'll ask Shannon to post something on the MUP thread on how this compared to his previous run of the scenario.

Mark said...

Thanks, interesting to see how Modiphius evolves this line.

Shannon said...

Seeing this now. I'll post on the MU forums soon, Jim.

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