Sunday, May 12, 2013

104 - Vengeance From Beyond (Monophobia)

Skype of Cthulhu presents a Call of Cthulhu scenario. Vengeance From Beyond, by Mark Chidiggs and Marcus Bone. From Monophobia: A Fear of Solitude.

New York City
The Roaring Twenties

Mr. William Townsend attempts to retrieve a stolen book for a client, and ends up with far more than he ever dreamed.



Jonathon M. Johnson said...

“Crazy, Funny, Intriguing”
-Arkham Gazette

“Rob - A rising star amongst the Skype of Cthulhu players.”
-W. Townsend
Owner of the local bookstore
“So & So Name”

Once again, Jim did a fabulous job working his magic putting together this podcast -THOUGH- was disappointing not to hear his famous intro, “Skype of Cthulhu presents… Call of Cthulhu scenario…”; instead just, “Ah, ok… This is Vengeance From Beyond.” :-(

Excellent monologue; felt as if Franklin Quincy was talking and not just Jim talking from the scenario. As a judge for D&D, talking out those long box texts are sometimes boring for players.

As always, at least once, you will hear Jim with a funny quip of a comment, “Did I say that days are going to matter? Ha ha ha ha ha.”

Good flow of talk between Jim and Rob when names or locations that are not relevant to the story are said, “Address not specifically relevant to the details of the scenario.” LOL; instead of the players arguing of wanting a correct name and such.

Rob did an effortlessly job playing a lone character (as he did in a group setting in “A Love in Need”) and along with Jim flowed the story together smoothly.

Interesting use of the magic points. Though I am not up to speed on what magic points are used for, it seemed like a good use for them and the possibility of players abusing them to get stuff quickly; but bring about a death quickly also.

As a Dad to Dad… Was great hearing that Jim was inviting and involving his amused son into the podcast instead of just telling him that he was busy and needed to go play.

I see that Rob’s name is on other SoC podcasts as a Keeper, so I look forward to seeing how his Keeper skills are compared to his player skills.

Cheers from Colorado

Jonathon M. Johnson

World Traveller Jim said...

Thanks as always for the kind words Jonathon.

Yeah, there were quite a few scenarios in there were I just got lazy with the introductions. Definitely something I need to fix.

Typically, and traditionally, Magic Points would be used for kind of what they sound like - casting spells. E.g. some particular spell would require spending some number of MP in order to cast them. More recently a number of Scenarios are making use of them as a general 'mental power' or focus kind of counter, which I personally like.

Rob has acted as Keeper for a number of Scenarios, most recently our latest Achtung! Scenario, Heroes from the Sea.

Rob said...

Thanks Jonathon! It's great to hear people enjoying the scenarios. All 3 of these Monophobia ones were pretty high on my list of favorite episodes.

My list as Keeper is short, but you can hear me on Sister of Sorrow, one of the Playtests (The Haunting), and our recent Heroes of the Sea.

I don't know I'd get your hopes up too much on my Keeping... I think I'm more of a Player than a Keeper, but Jim hasn't made me quick Keeping yet, so what do I know? =)

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