Monday, June 18, 2012

065 - Hell Fire 01 (Trail of Cthulhu)

Skype of Cthulhu presents a Trail of Cthulhu scenario, Hell Fire by Adam Gauntlett.

17 June, 1763

Mr. Bubb Pearce of the Hell Fire Club has gotten himself into some trouble with a Lady. His fellow club members must attempt to assist him with his troubles, to avoid any unpleasantness for the Club members.


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Jonathon M. Johnson said...


For those about to listen, another podcast a bit too long… 17+ hours. Hardly any combat or SAN loss until episode 5, just talk, talk, talk.

Sorry to say that I have to say that this is one of the worse Skype of Cthulhu podcasts that have been produced; between the and’s, um’s, eh’s, chopped sentences, kids, dogs, clinking and crunching sounds, and feedback at the end, it was getting hard to follow along; ended up just listened to it half-heartedly.

Though the first two parts of only 20 minutes did not help in chopping out parts to make it feel like being dropped into a soap opera after many episodes and then trying to figure out what is going on.

Maybe this is how Trail of Cthulhu is run? Investigation than shoot to kill?

Did some reading up on it and it talks about Trail being Pulpish. Which seemed like it was going to be more detective than typical Call of Cthulhu.

One thing I did enjoy was the introduction of Dan into the podcast with his voice. I could picture his voice back in that era and his voice was similar to Richard Nixon.

I like the idea of “Drives”. Gives a reason for your character, not you, to do something in the game. I find a lot of players playing instead of their characters playing and this is a good mechanic.


Jonathon M. Johnson

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