Wednesday, December 21, 2011

046 - Robinson Gruesome (Monophobia)

Skype of Cthulhu presents a Call of Cthulhu scenario. Robinson Gruesome, by Mark Chidiggs and Marcus Bone. From Monophobia: A Fear of Solitude.

Somewhere in the South Pacific
Sometime in the 1920s

Roger Jonesy, aristocrat and treasure hunter has traveled to the South Pacific in search of adventure, fame, and fortune. But a relaxing tropical vacation is not in the cards.



Marcus Bone said...

Just wanted to say thanks for recording and posting this game! It is great to hear others play through a scenario that Mark & I worked so hard on.



World Traveller Jim said...

Thanks for the comment Marcus, glad you liked it!

Jonathon M. Johnson said...

Another excellent Monophobia.

After listening to my first Monophobia, "Of Grave Concern", and now this one, I can see that you do not need a full table to play out a game of CoC. Though more than one would help so you do not get eviscerated by the creature from the... . LOL

Can any CoC scenario be turned into a single player game?

Reminds me of a D&D home campaign where we started out from a ship wreck and had to get to shore by floating on crates through shark infested waters.

Looking forward to listening to the last of the three Monophobia scenarios, Vengeance From Beyond, the last of the three scenarios from the book Monophobia: A Fear of Solitude.

I do not know if my hearing is off, but when I started listening to this episode, I thought that Randall was playing in this adventure; then at the end when Jim says "Thanks Toni", I guess it was not Randall.

Unless Toni and Randall are the one in the same, just different names at times?

There were other podcasts that another set of players were sounding the same and it was getting a bit confusing.


Jonathon M. Johnson

World Traveller Jim said...

Yeah ... pretty sure Toni and Randall are different people. Although I've never seen them together in the same place ...

I suppose in general you could run any scenario with just one player, but it becomes a question of scope - what's the size and difficulty of the investigation, and could that really be tackled by just one person.

Randall WiseWolf Padilla said...

LOL - The tick accent may be confusing at times. But yes, different people except when we merge into the entity known as Toniranthdatll...

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