Monday, March 7, 2011

006 - The Horrible Secret of Monhegan Island 03 (Providence Cycle)

Skype of Cthulhu presents a Call of Cthulhu scenario: The Horrible Secret of Monhegan Island, by Gary Pilkington. Published by Grenadier Models, Inc. 1984.

Monhegan Island, Maine
Thursday, June 05, 1924

Sara Godwin is missing, and our investigators appear to be at a loss as to how to find her. And after throughly ransacking the Martensen household the mystery of Monhegan Island has only deepened.

Will our team of heros be able to help young Sara? Or is she doomed to whatever fate awaits her ... and perhaps our investigators as well. Surrounded by unfriendly locals and with no way off the island what can be done?



Mark said...

Hi great podcast but are all the sound issues due to Skype? Also do you know if your players use headsets.
Thinking of getting a Skype game going but worried about the sound quality.

World Traveller Jim said...

I would say ... sort of. I can't say they're all *just* because of Skype itself - when everyone has a clean source and plenty of bandwidth the sound is really good. Two of our player's have been fighting some specific problems - the background hum is the EM from a laptop power adapter, and the occasional bursts of feedback are from a phone client.

But regardless, IMHO its still well worth it. A bit annoying, but I personally would much rather be playing and dealing with the noise issues than not playing. Over the course of a three hour session they're really not that much of a problem.

Mark said...

Thanks for the reply,the hum is not to bad in the main but the phone client feedback was a little odd as it seemed to be becoming more regular.
Sorry if I came across a bit negative I was just curious to find out how well Skype worked.
Thanks for uploading the recordings as they have all been fun to listen to and its always interesting to see different results from the same adventures.
Looking forward to Ep 7

World Traveller Jim said...

No worries mate, we appreciate your listening!

mikelrysk said...

where was this scenario originally published? Is there a recent publication for purchase?

World Traveller Jim said...

Monhegan Island was published by Grenadier Models in 1984. As far as I know, no one picked it up when Grenadier went out of business back in the 90's so it's not for sale anywhere - unless you find a used copy on e-bay or something. I have a scan of mine I'd feel comfortable with sharing if you want it.

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