We Dream of Flying

We Dream of Flying by Jim Phillips

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A disparate group of international elites have, each for their own reasons, boarded Flight 19 from Los Angeles to Tokyo on a first-class ticket. The flight promises to be a quiet affair - allowing for time to rest, relax, and perhaps even get some work done. The fight is completely full, but an unfortunate coincidence and the all-too-understandable sorrow of a lonely little girl will lead them deep into a mystery from which there may be no escape.

We Dream of Flying is a modern-day Scenario for 4 to 6 Investigators which can usually be run in a single gaming session.

We Dream of Flying is intended as an exercise in mystery, character development, and role-playing interactions between the Investigators themselves. There are no monsters to be fought and no cultists to defeat. There is only a mystery, and the question of how the Investigators will ultimately choose to resolve the terrible and fantastical situation they find themselves in.

The original playtest for We Dream of Flying is available in audio format here.

We Dream of Flying is available in the Miskatonic Repository as a free PDF download.

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